Residential Roofing in Basking Ridge

No home is complete without a roof. Your roof serves as the first line of defense against the elements, keeping your whole family happy and healthy. However, your roof needs to be properly installed, maintained and repaired by trained professionals if you hope to keep them happy and healthy. When your roof fails either from inferior craftsmanship, harsh weather or some other reason, it won’t be long before things get worse. With roof damage, when it rains, it pours. Things tend to get exponentially worse once a roof is damaged, which is why it is so important for homeowners in the Basking Ridge area to be proactive in getting qualified professionals to take a look at the first sign of damage.

If your home is in the Basking Ridge area and you need trained and certified roofing professionals to take a look at your home’s roof, then give Home Exteriors Direct, LLC a call today. For the last several years, Home Exteriors Direct, LLC has been the top choice for homeowners whenever they need anything. Though we are known for our remodeling and construction services, we are also proud to offer a wide array of residential roofing services.

Because the roof is one of the single most important pieces of any home, we made residential roofing services a priority and as a result can now assist you with any roofing issue your Basking Ridge home is experiencing. Whether you need a new roof, repairs done to your existing roof or simply an inspection to know if you need to provide your roof with preventative maintenance, Home Exteriors Direct, LLC can get any roofing job done efficiently while providing a superior level of craftsmanship.

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Roofing Installations

The single biggest reason why residential roofs fail or get seriously damaged is because they weren’t properly installed. So, if you need a roof installed for your Basking Ridge home, don’t trust an unlicensed contractor offering a price that’s too good to be true, because their quote is almost invariably in fact too good to be true. What they aren’t including in their initial quote are the prices of repairs and the inevitable premature replacement of your roof.

Rather than get blindsided by hidden costs that come with working with unlicensed contractors, let the trained professionals provide you with quality craftsmanship and upfront communication when you go with Home Exterior Direct, LLC.

Roofing Repairs

Eventually, your roof will need repairs. Hopefully it doesn’t have to wait until your roof is completely leaking or missing half its shingles since the more severe the damage, the more expensive and timely the repairs are. Preventative maintenance always beats emergency repairs so feel free to schedule a roofing inspection with us to nip your roofing problems in the bud.

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